Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snoozy Art

This is Amanda of Snoozy Art.

1. What do you sell and how did you get started?
I currently sell original acrylic paintings, soon going to expand to key chains and eventually greeting cards. I got started by first building my "inventory" of paintings. I sometimes would record myself while I painted and the uploaded them onto youtube. I started up a website, took forever to figure the "look" of it. I made a facebook ad, showing all to my friends and family, then when I was looking up for the best option for an artist to sell their work, Etsy became perfect for me.

Rise'n'Shine- Original Acrylic Painting, Yellow and Dark Red Flower, Sunflower (Painting No. N021)

 2. Who or what is your inspiration?
I love to create art whatever the medium, I just love to create a piece of work that I can share to everyone. Hearing about artists now'a'days you think of the "starving artist" which always worried me, I really got started with opening my shop after being inspirated from my college professor with him telling me how great my artwork is and that he really urged me to paint since the traditional "artist" are dying out. So then I decided to give it a try and when I try anything I give it my all.

 3. What is your favorite part of your creating process?
 My favorite part is when I'm actually sitting down in front of a canvas and letting the creative juices start to flow! This isn't a job for me this is where all my passion is and why I chose to continue with painting

 4. Do you have any special routines?
I do have a very special routine. A lot more goes into painting than anyone would think! First I buy/ make the canvases, add them to my canvas check off list after numbering them. There I check if its a finished painting or not, write it on this dry erase marker board for my husband to then go ahead and scan the image. patch it into photoshop. I then sign, paint the borders and then gloss the entire image. I also that the finished digital image of it and put it into etsy, facebook, my website and lastly pinterest. I then go ahead and get the canvas ready for hanging. Long process but I'd rather do it right! plus this keeps me very organized which is soooo important! =]

5. What is your most favorite item in your Etsy shop?
My most favorite item is "In Her Shoes" it is a simple piece yet it conveys and tells such a story yet its such a simple ideal. That you cant truly understand someone without first walking in their shoes, well in this painting these are my shoes.

 6. Do you have any social media links?
I have quite a few social media links. First my Etsy shop-
Facebook page-!/SnoozyArtPaintings
7. Anything else that you want to share?
Just that I'm a new to the motherhood, I have a now 8 month old boy. Still going to college at the Illinois Institute of Art Chicago, and working a job at a Library. So I have alot on my plate but I still somehow find the time to do what I'm passionate about- Creating Art.

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