Friday, February 1, 2013

Need ideas for Valentines Day?

I came across a shop that I found to be really unique. She is from England and is the owner and creator of GorjessJewellry. In her shop you will find some really great Valentine's Day gifts as well as everyday jewelry. 

1. What do you sell and how did you get started?
 At the moment I sell handmade silver jewelry  I occasionally work in gold. I started about two years ago with the help of my dad who used to be a Goldsmith. He made a family friend a really simple pendant of an otter and I asked him to help me make a present for my friend. I showed the finished product off to my other friends and then one by one people started ordering, then colleagues started, then customers at work... eventually I got busy enough to leave my day job!

2. Who or what is your inspiration?
I've always enjoyed art which is why I think I enjoy cutting out pendants so much, I hand cut them with a jewelry saw so the more fiddly it is the more I enjoy it.

3. What is your favorite part of your creating process? 
My favorite part of jewelry making depends on how I feel, normally I enjoy cutting out all of the pendants, I find it relaxing. When I get to the polishing stage I sometimes find it hard work but then so rewarding at the end to see my shiny pendants.

4. Do you have any special routines?
I tend to work on a lot of orders at the same time, it seems more productive to cut out a lot and then polish a batch at a time, I find this helps me get most people's orders out quite quickly, a lot of my feedback is customers who are happy with the speed.

5. What is your most favorite item in your Etsy shop?
My favorite items are my puzzle designs as there are so many variations I can do with them, I think my favorite design to make though are the animal ones, unfortunately I haven't made too many yet but I look forward to getting some new animal designs out there soon.

Heart shaped jigsaw puzzle pendants necklaces
Jigsaw Puzzle Pendants

6. Do you have any social media links?
I mostly use facebook at and have recently started on twitter at @GorjessDesigns, I aim to do the occasional giveaway on Twitter once I get a better amount of followers!


Two names on a Thick Silver Heart Pendant Necklace

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