Thursday, January 31, 2013

ibleedheART on ETSY!

If you love Henna you will love today's featured artist. Ashley Reagan from ibleedheART brings to the table custom painted shoes, totes, and mugs that are inspired by Henna.

1. What do you sell and how did you get started?
I sell custom painted TOMS shoes, tote bags and mugs with henna designs and themes. In June of 2012, out of over one hundred applicants, I was selected to be one of seven artists to participate in a Style Your Soles event in Oklahoma City that was put on by TOMS shoes. After the overwhelming response I received from the customers as well as the TOMS rep, I decided to open up an Etsy shop and offer my artistic ability to a wider range of people, eventually expanding my art to the tote bags and mugs.

2. Who or what is your inspiration?
My inspiration and love for everything henna came from a trip to India that I took in 2007. I observed and participated in the art of henna application while I was there and was inspired to start my own henna business when I got back into the States. After doing henna at festivals for several years, I decided I wanted to expand on the art and offer it in different ways. That’s when the opportunity with TOMS came along!

3. What is your favorite part of your creating process?
My favorite part of the creating process is probably the communication I have with my customers. I absolutely enjoy every conversation that I’ve had with my customers and being able to customize each item to their liking and needs. I also love how relaxing and freeing the painting process is.

4. Do you have any special routines?
I always have tunes going while I’m creating as it helps me focus. Even find myself singing or humming along while I paint without even realizing I’m doing it.

5. What is your most favorite item in your Etsy shop?
My favorite TOMS design is my “Floral Lace Brown Henna Custom TOMS Shoes” and my favorite cup design is the “Set of 2 - White Teacups with Black and Gold Floral Lace Henna Design”.

Floral Lace Brown Henna Custom TOMS Shoes

Set of 2 - White Teacups with Black and Gold Floral Lace Henna Design

6. Do you have any social media links?
Absolutely! I’m on Facebook: and Twitter @ibleedheART

7. Anything else that you want to share?
If you’re ever in the OKC area, hit me up for a little Starbucks and henna! I’m always up for that!

8. Are there any coupon codes or promotions you have going on?
There is an ongoing coupon code on my Facebook page for my Fans.

Go check it out!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Meet Jackie from GrannyJack

My very first featured artist is Jackie from GrannyJack. Take a moment to read her interview and see all she has to offer.

1. What do you sell and how did you get started?
GrannyJack sells handmade kids clothes, women's clothes. Sometimes I make something just for the sheer fun of it like a tea cosy. I have a granddaughter, so I tend to make a lot of cutsie little girls things.

For as long as I can remember I have been making things and giving them as gifts. First I sewed clothes for my dolls, then for myself. Many ended up buried shamefully in the bottom of the wardrobe, but the ones that worked got worn till they fell apart. Once I had three little boys I made all their clothes, as the clothes in shops were very dull, for boys. It always seemed to me that kids look great in lots of bright colors.

Now there are young women added to the family and I sew for them. They get so many people asking them where they got their skirt, beanie, gloves. So I decided to start GrannyJack.

2. Who or what is your inspiration?
When I was little, the women around me wore great 50's style frocks - lots of polka dots and flowers. I remember my mother wearing bright red lipstick and gloves. I find myself thinking of my favorite old Auntie when I sew. I remember her out in the garden, making jam and doing crafts.

3. What is your favorite part of your creating process?
Seeing how my ideas turn out when the clothes are finished. It is really great seeing the things I make being worn by others. At this point, something that started in my head has become part of someone elses creative process. They wear the clothes in ways I could not envisage, which is so cool.

4. Do you have any special routines? 
I get up, grab a quick breakfast and shut myself away in my workroom until it is light enough to take photos of anything that was completed the day before. I spend the day listening to music and sewing. After dinner, I sit in a big comfy chair and knit or crochet. Often I forget to change out of my pajamas.

5. What is your most favorite item in your Etsy shop?
I think these are just too cute:
Animal fingerless gloves kids gloves toddler mittens handmade
Animal Fingerless Gloves

6. Do you have any social media links?
Setting up GrannyJack on Etsy has dragged me (kicking and screaming) into social media. I have a new, and very lame fb page, which drastically needs some input from others who know how it is supposed to be done

I have however discovered pinterest which I just love. It is soooo addictive. I have to limit myself so that I do not spend years of my life drooling over the most beautiful images.

7. Anything else that you want to share?
GrannyJack combines many of the threads of my life over many years. Working in the corporate world; playing computer games where I design and build; and creating clothes. It is the perfect thing for me at the perfect time and I really enjoy it. Having turned 50 last year, I also graduated from uni. Life is just so exciting.

8. Are there any coupon codes or promotions you have going on?
As GrannyJack is a new shop, I have a few items on sale. I have loyalty discount coupons that I include with purchases to reward my customers.

Selection of items:
Ear warmer black headband crochet teen fashion womens handmade
Black ear warmer headband

Mother and daughter fingerless gloves Custom Order
Mother and daugher fingerless gloves

Red and white little girls dress polka dot toddler dress
Little polka dot dress

Girls dress handmade party dress Japan print little girls ruffle dress
Japanese print dress

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY...International delight style

For all you coffee lovers, that are addicted to foo foo creamers like myself, I have a do it yourself project to put those bottles to use.

(Almond joy is by far my most favorite flavor)

 For the longest time I never knew what to do with the bottles, so naturally they went straight into the trash.
Trash no more, put those containers to use.  

-First rinse out container or put in the dishwasher to remove any residual creamer.
-Make sure the inside is completely dry.
-Next peel off the label.

 -And now you are ready to add whatever your heart desires into your recycled container. 
(if you have a funnel for this step it makes it a little easier)

-Write on the front of the container if need be.
-There you have it, project accomplished!!
(pretty easy huh!)

As you can see I like to use mine for chia seeds, popcorn, and flax seed. 

I typically make breakfast shakes and let me tell you it makes it a lot easier to pour a little of this and a little of that versus having to stop and scoop everything out of bags. This is also a great idea if you have kids. Throw your child's favorite cereal, snack, goldfish, etc. and you now have a portable snack that is easily contained for a car ride or weekend getaway. 

Proud to be an etsian!

There has been such a great turnout in response to my etsy post. I love to see the crafting world coming together and supporting each other. It makes me proud to be part of the etsy community. The goal at hand is to feature an artist daily.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Calling all Etsy artisans

In July 2012, I decided to open up a shop on etsy. Going into it I had these visions that I would make some items I loved and it would be a huge success. Well let me be the first to say that it doesn't happen that way and there is a lot of work that goes into it. Over the last 6 months there has been many hours poured into my etsy shop. However, I have learned a lot of valuable lessons and been able to reconnect with my creative side again.

One of my many goals for the year was to create a blog and allow other artists like myself to have a place to be noticed. Over a course of time I hope you will enjoy following etsy artists and seeing all the beautiful products that they have to offer. So let this be the beginning to many posts to come.

 Please feel free to check out my shop at